Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This morning's catch

A few more fishy pics for you to identify

Two tiddlers together. It's the eyes, always the eyes that get me.

No idea what this one is

Looks a bit lilke a baby Tuna

Finally the paths are laid, no more muddy feet going to the loo!

Dog and gooose prints all over the wet concrete. Bastards.

My new little truck...


  1. Nice catch, nice paths, nice truck.

    You're doin' ok Tom.

  2. Nibbling away at it, Chris, I'll let you know when I am ready to take international guests!

  3. Wow, the place is really coming along! I like the dog and goose tracks - it adds character, as if you needed it.

    Oh! You may have a name for your pub, then.

    I think the tuna looking one is a tuna. My guess is a bigeye, but I'm not completely sure. The other one is some kind of seabass, no?

    Nice truck, too. I'd love a truck right now (we've a Subaru and a Prius, per California tree-hugger regulations).

  4. The Dog and Goose. Excellent. Now what I need is to find someone who can paint a goose tugging at a frantic dog's tail and hang it over the bar. Perfect.

  5. Ahhh! wet concrete - what a joy! The truck will be a handy acquisition.

    Yes! The second fish is a Tuna, the first looks like some fast pelagic species - maybe similar to yellow belly or a barramundi-type species.

  6. JohnD, I have heard so much about Barramundi fishing. One day, perhaps, I will make it to Australia. Did I tell you that 18 years ago I was very nearly a Northern Territories policeman? All the paperwork had been sent to me by an Australian Senator whose hitch hiking son I had rescued in Mozambique. Trouble was the paperwork only caught up with me in Angola eight months after they were sent by which time I was on another contract and I never break a contract. I often wonder where I would have been now if I had gone for it. After all, here in Angola it is hot, sticky, mosquito infested, crocs, snakes, pissed up locals. I'd have felt right at home.


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