Thursday 29 March 2012

Evening water run

It's a bit of a ritual now, the evening water run, but not at all an inconvenience. I park the truck down by the river and leave Alex in charge of the truck. He supervises the loading of the water containers.

Then it is just a case of cruising through the neighbourhood stopping every time someone bangs on the cab roof.

And here's the dogs:
This is 'Dog' sitting in the unusually relaxed way she always does.

'Dinge' which is German for 'thing'

and 'Three' which is English for, erm, three. This is the dog that sort of adopted me.

Finally, I make no real comment on the last photo as when it comes to arguing the effects of nutrition on child development, I think it speaks for itself.
From left to right: Wewe age 5, Pascual age 7 and Alexander age 3.


  1. Great pics - and a good job well done with the water run!

  2. that first dog is a skinny man in a dog suit!

  3. I see Alex takes his supervisory job most seriously.

  4. Great photos. They convey a sense of fun and community.

    And then the last photo - stunningly powerful. Point made. Quite sobering and thought provoking.

  5. Ah. Bravo Phil.

    Go to the top of the class. But leave your books where they are because I am sure you won't be there long. :-)

    I am not surprised that you picked up the darker thread through this post.

    Today I betrayed my trust. To do so with an adult can sometimes be mitigated with a sincere apolgy. Do so with a child and you have lost it forever. But this will be the subject of my next post.

  6. I think living where you do
    the "darker" as well as the "lighter" aspects of life are just there bubbling beneath the every day!

  7. Thank you for your photos. They are a great, and stark, reminder of reality.

    John Gray is right. I'd still love to have your dogs. Dinge looks to be doing particularly well.

  8. Three looks a bit mmm-mad, barking mad. Sorry.

    Enough said on the nutrition photo Tom.


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