Sunday 25 March 2012

Fish pics for Josh

Here you go, Josh. In the photo below, Dominic is holding a small version of the fish I want to try fileting and smoking. They are usually much bigger so if you can positively identify it...

All these are tiddlers but it gives you an idea of the variety. The photos are high res so if you click on them they enlarge sufficiently for you to get a good look. As I catch the bigger ones, I shall put photos of them up on the blog for you.

This last photo is of a decent haul of Dourado:

More fishy pics soon...

ps: Chris, eat your heart out. These were all caught by Dominic when he was only eleven. When can I expect to see you here?


  1. great shots of Dominic
    he's a bonny lad!

  2. Nice pictures! The tail fins and dorsal fins looks like that of a Mackerel. The head, not so much.

  3. I think I've yet to curse on this site, and now:


    Those dorados will have folks out here drooling! Both flyrodders and the others will want a piece of that action.

    I'm in the process of looking up those other fish right now. Thanks for this, it's helping me stop thinking about a dog I may not get...

  4. Okay, the yellow finned one is crevalle jack, Caranx hippos, an irony and a sign for you if I've ever seen one.

  5. And the skinnier ones look to me like spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus) or West African spanish mackerel (S. tritor). I'm less sure of them, though. Based on that tail, I'm confident they are some kind of mackerel, which in my humble opinion are the best tasting non-anadromous saltwater fish there is.

    Do you get tarpon in the area? In my googling here (that just sounds prurient), I've come across some pictures of other Angolan fishing resorts and I've seen some nice tarpon, but I'm unfamiliar with the geography of the country, and I have absolutely no idea where you live, physically.

  6. I recommend you google "baja california fly fishing" for some ideas on how to get flyrodders after those dorado. It reminds me, too: Are you planning to get certified with some major company, e.g., Orvis?

    Oh! I just looked up "fly fish crevalle jack", and saw some great pics, too.

  7. And if I haven't said it, yet; thanks for the pictures. If you can't tell, I'm a tad bit excited.

  8. Small Dolphin Fish with the blunt head - other long thin fish look like Mackeral.

    Dolphin Fish are good game fish and sweet eating.

  9. will give you more information about fish species in your ocean precincts.

  10. Tarpon are there and they are massive. I went to a fishing report further south of Tom's place and saw lots feeding but could not get even a bite.

    Just as well as I think we would have done a Old Man of the Sea - river version. The boat we were in was small and the egg beater of an engine just able to cope with the currents.

  11. JG, he's ;ove;y, isn't he? And very well behaved.

    Josh, Caranx Hippo! Now that is a coincidence!

    There is also a small Barracuda in amongst the haul.

    I took some more photos of yesterday's catch but since my camera was nicked I have to rely on borrowing bystander's cameras and only today did the gy admit he has left the connecting lead in Luanda so I will only get it tomorrow night (if he remembers).

    As Nige says, there are shitloads of Tarpon here and big ones. Dominic has a 90 kg one under his belt already.

    JohnD, that's a very interesting link and, if you read between the lines, an indication of how badly Angola's fisheries are being exploited. Only the tiniest percentage of fish caught in Angola waters are landed or even registered.

  12. Bloody little show off!

    That's the weight of my entire catch from last year (x by ten)!

    Pick me up at Quatro de Fevereiro at around 8am tomorrow morning!


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