Saturday 15 November 2008

An ace comment, sadly anonymous

Wherever we are in the world, whatever we are doing, we lucky few who have had the honour of wearing the uniform and standing alongside the best that a country has to offer, will always remember them. On those occasions when men and women such as we gather, we will raise a glass and say, with quiet pride, "they were our friends".

Bang on. Pity the author is so shy


Friday 14 November 2008

Lest We Forget

The memorial plaque in Palace Barracks dedicated to those members of 321 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company who lost their lives during the troubles in Northern Ireland. I recall with fondness and sadness Warrant Officers Mick O'Neil and John Howard with whom I had the honour to serve.

We must also respect the memories of all Ammunition Technicians and Technical Officers, all Bomb Disposal Officers and Technicians of every nationality, their courageous support teams, the signallers, the drivers, the search teams, the escorts and all mine clearance experts worldwide who have been killed or wounded in the course of their duties, sacrificing their lives or health in order to save so many, and we should all be grateful that there are still men and women brave and dedicated enough to continue to volounteer for some of the most dangerous duties in the world so that others may live their lives a little safer.