Thursday 16 September 2010

Perceptions of Angola

We are all aware that web browsers seem to know where our computers are in the world (or at least the IP address of our internet service providers), and can then feed irritating region specific adverts onto our screens.

Anywhere else in the world, typically, we would be offered a selection of beauties just gagging to meet us (we have all seen these adverts: Angola Babe aged 21, apparently living next door, who is invariably Caucasian and if she walked the streets of Angola dressed the way she appears in her photo would have no need to resort to an internet dating site to attract mates but rather hire bodyguards to beat them off), and other adverts rather conveniently informing us that free romantic weekends away for two in some Michelin starred hotel are only a few mouse clicks away, or those from anonymous institutions suggesting that handing over our life’s savings would guarantee instant financial security.

So what does the Big Brother lucky dip offer us in Angola?

Ads by Google

Bulletproof Vehicles
Learn about our superior protection
Get an armored car in Angola today.

I have never had any problems spending my own money so can't see the point in paying someone else to help me. I have a girlfriend and she seems to manage on that score without charging me extra. So I definitely prefer the free romantic weekend and am happy to take my chances getting there.

Sadly, I think it is teenagers on their way to London schools who need Armormax's services more than I do. Or perhaps that is just my perception of UK.


  1. Thank You! Finally someone who points out the dumb ironies of what the world percieves african countries to be. I mean, enough already with the doom and gloom reports of the so called 'dark continet'.

    Anyway hi =) hope you're well...I'm counting down the days to december - I can't wait! The pressure from college is finally starting to get to me and I NEED a holiday!

  2. Well you are always welcome here.

    If you want to endear yourself to the boys, bring a few sticks of Biltong!

  3. Priceless obsservation!

  4. Thanks for your comment, Mo! I hope you like the rest of the blog.

    If you have a blog, please let me know how to find it.

    Best regards



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