Monday 27 September 2010

78 Force Ordnance Company Belize 1984

I am front row, fifth from the right, smirking because Captain Allan Inions to my right has just suggested, not so sotto voce, that the man behind the camera on this very hot day might like to effing well get on with it.

Somewhere in that lineup must be Cpl Callahan. When we all played cricket, I would be put into bat first. Callahan would bowl me out, every time, with a full toss and then I would score for the rest of the match.


  1. I was there at this time- I reconise Zippo Couchman and Rob Thomas- I was there for the leaving bash for both of them- can't think how I missed out ofn this snap- must have been on leave at the time. Chris Smart.

    1. Blimey! What's the chances of someone from 78 FOC at the time actually stumbling across this post? Your name rings a bell though I can't put a face to it. Instead of beating my head against a brick wall in Angola I should have gone back to Belize! Good to hear from you, I shall drop you a line so we can pull up a sandbag!

  2. I am on the back row, 4thfrom the right ✅️


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