Monday 9 July 2012

And so to supper

Well, we missed afternoon tea and biscuits so Alex and I had to make do with fresh avocado, raw tuna (I called it Sushi meaning I really could not be arsed to fry it), tangerines, water melon, a salad of lettuce and tomatoes laced with cream and dill, and  thinly sliced filet of beef which Marcia did fry to perfection (like I said, I wasn´t in the frying mood tonight but I did arrange it all artistically on the plate) and the perfect seafoood sauce consisting of salad cream mixed with tomato ketchup, a dash of hot pepper and ground black pepper.

Naturally, there was a lot of juice left on our plates (of blood and citric origin) and watching Alex heave his to his lips and slurp the lot down his throat, I knew he was over his Nitrolingual overdose.

He´s a bit of a lad.  But he is Our Lad.

Can´t see that dish on any European menu, can you?  But it was great.

Alex thought so.


  1. Thank you you Tom and your ealier article about meat prices in Angola versus UK, I found picanha here.

    So this weekend we havd a "traditional" picanha brasil style.

    The mean of roasterd/grilled over coals, not gas, Black beans had palm oil and bacon, white rice had onion though it, bananas were grilled on the BBQ and the sawdust as I call it was from a brasilian packet. It was finer and more to my liking than what we used to buy in Luanda.

    The smells brought back a lot of memories on living in Luanda. Thanks for that Tom.

    I agree with Alex, your meal sounds great.

  2. Sounds lovely, Tom. I made do with a bit of leftover pasta and sauce.

  3. Oh, i forgot to add, so glad that Alex is feeling better--must be a huge relief for you and Marcia.


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