Wednesday, 2 September 2020

In my humble opinion... Just wonderful



  1. Is that really you Tom? Please come back and blog some more. We miss you.

  2. Tom, hi, you have got Blogland's Buschtrommeln going today, loudly. OH, the excitement! Mystery man is back.

    Considering that you can tell how old your children are you appear not dead yet. Which is great. Take your time. Sixty one being the new fourty two. Landmines notwithstanding. Anyway, there is always John to prolong your life - long distance.

    Affectionately, bear hug,

  3. We'll look whose back from the dead !!!
    Hope all is well with you and family.
    Pray do tell what dastardly deeds has the mad Englishman been up to in the last couple years. We've all missed you terribly.
    Oh yes Cesaria Evora makes some incredible music. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have to hand it to you, Tom. Hysteria is rife as to speculation on what may have befallen you. I shouldn't snort. It's so unladylike. Still, women are humans too. Unless they are miracle workers, like Mary - Jesus's mum.

    First prize for comment of the year, and it's already September so we are spoilt for choice, goes to the person who commented today: "I guess death is easier to cope with than just being ghosted". Easier to cope with by whom? The ghosted? Spare a thought for the dead. Said person a fine specimen of the supremely ego centered. You know that coat, the ego, sometimes best left at the door?

    Never mind. Amusement is where one finds it. And I find it in unlikely places.

    Like your hat. Beuys has nothing on you.



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