Thursday 3 April 2014

Aye Aye! What's This?

This is a test post for Cro in order to find out if my 'I's are definitely lighter in appearance.  I will take it down again as soon as he has seen this.

These 'I's have been typed straight into the compose window of Blogger (interspersed with other letters for comparative purposes:


And these ‘I’s have been typed first in Word and then cut & pasted:

IIIIiiii I I I ABCIDIEFGIHJIKLI A I B I K I L I M I I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT DOING THIS But I must now dash as the cricket is starting.  I wonder who will win?  Do I root for SrI Lanka or the West Indies?  I think Sri Lankan women are beautiful so I think they deserve to win but I lived in the Caribbean for many years so I would like the West Indies to win as well.  Whatever happens, I think it will be an interesting match.

I have had enough of this!


  1. In case he doesn't show, they all look the same to me.

  2. I concur. All looks good. The Windies have blown it!

  3. They all look the same from here in Oregon!

  4. I was a typographer, I have an eye for these things. The lowercase "i's" in the sans serif face at the top not only appear lighter, but also in a different color. Gray, maybe. The ones at the bottom, in Times, are fine.

  5. How interesting.
    The blogger I's are consistent with all other letters, the cut and paste from Word capital I's are grey, not black.
    Let us know the vote.

  6. I was a technical editor and a proofreader for many years.

    The letters typed straight into the compose window of Blogger all look the same at this end. The letters typed first into Word and then cut & pasted have a few anomalies. Specifically:

    Capitals A, C, O, and S are all lighter than the other capitals.

    Capitals B, D, F, G, K, M, and N have dark vertical parts and lighter non-vertical parts.

    Lowercase w and v are lighter than the other lowercase letters.

    Based on the variances in the comments, it seems to depend on the computer at the receiving end.

    You're welcome.

  7. There's a definite difference in size with the second lot being smaller and the ones done in Word first are also a different colour (grey ?)

  8. I had a look at the HTML:

    The first paragraph is using the default font for your web site (configured in CSS), which will vary based on browser but should be one of: Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, or sans-serif (a special name for whatever your web browser's default sans serif font is).

    The second paragraph (copied-and-pasted from Word) has it's font overridden to Calibri, which is a free and widely distributed sans serif font from Microsoft, and the default sans serif font in some newer versions of Windows (Arial is in older versions I believe).

    This means that on a lot of new systems both will end up displaying them both in Calibri, and a lot of systems without Calibri installed (some non-Windows machines, and old Windows) will probably default back to the default font for the website (that list I gave earlier), or their browsers default font.

    This page has some samples of all of the fonts I listed except for FreeSans: if you're interested in comparing, it's the fourth image down.

  9. That's solved it. For some weird reason the 'cut and pasted' I's are slightly lighter. I'm glad that others have noticed it too (Joanne, Helsie, etc)

    1. Glad to have been of service!

      Thank you to everyone for explaining a deeply troubling conundrum.

  10. Remember Mr Me-me-me, there's no "I" in team!

  11. They are totally different fonts ~ have a look at the HTML to see what formatting has been applied to each ~ style, size, colour ~ no mystery.
    Easiest way to fix it is to select all the text and reformat it in Blogger ~ font! size, colour.
    WORD is a word processing package. Blogger is just a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

    Like RWP said ~ You're Welcome :)

  12. ' I' concur with John Gray. My brain too has exploded.

    BTW, india defeated South Africa in the T20 match.

    1. India did play well.

      My problem is that when my generator broke down a couple of months ago, it was a bunch of Sri Lankans that fixed it for me so I shall have to root for Sri Lanka otherwise they'll never help me again.

    2. Sri Lankan women vs their neighbors? Whoever comes out on top I win, sign me up for a membership.

      By the way, my wife is wondering if she should develop a second career in mud wrestling...I'll encourage her.



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