Sunday 18 November 2012


Why do my spliffs always fall apart before I get the chance to light them?
Meet Rastaman.  He is thatching the roof of my barbecue area and he is also a sculptor.  He is going to carve the pillars of my Jango and across the lintel over the bar, he is going to carve a row of marching Hippos.


  1. Top picture looks like the cover of a new CD by Rastaman and the Hippo... "No Woman No Cry", "Gone Fishin'", "I Got ME Dem Big Garden Pond", "Marcia I'm Sorry", "Them Old Angola Blues", "Keep On Thatchin'" etc. Will there be a live tour to promote the new album?

  2. Don't forget: Immigration Woes, Shit In The Carburettor, Chiggers In My Toes, Jungle Rash, Tick Bite Fever,and then we must not forget that all time classic, a tongue in cheek nod at getting things done here, Tomorrow Never Comes.

    Your comment was good to raise a serious smile! If I had any talent whatsoever, I'd go for it! Maybe we could form as a Reggae Skiffle band with me on the wash board...

  3. Don't let lack of talent stop you.

  4. I am always impressed just how clean your trousers always are....

    you can take the an out of the army...........

  5. Megan,

    you are right. Doesn't seem to have stopped anyone else.


    That´s what maids are for. I just wish she wouldn't starch my underpants...

  6. Actually, Jaygee, that last remark of mine was a bit flippant. I get scared too sometimes, you should see my trousers then.

  7. Is Rastaman prepared to work in Europe? I have a BBQ thingy that would look good thatched.

  8. Cro, so long as you have a good supply of grass and can organise his visa...


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