Tuesday 16 October 2012


Blogger has gone mad!  Either that or I suddenly have ten times as many readers in UK as I did yesterday.

Normally I get around 100 page views a day.  Yesterday, I had just 77 but then it's been nearly a week since my last post.  Today, however, I have had 1,071 page views.  1,006 of them from UK and all between 1500 and 1700 hrs today.

Clearly, this is bonkers.  Obviously it is highly improbable that 1,000 people in UK suddenly decided to sit down to Tuesday afternoon tea and read my blog.  Not unless the Secret Services are forcing detainees to read my blog as a new form of excruciating torture now that water boarding has been banned.

Spot the anomaly...
Anyone else seen such unusual spikes in their Blogger stats?


  1. me too thomas
    my views have suddenly increased
    from around 600 pageviews a day to over 1200
    but not in a huge spike
    I have no idea how this happens.... it used to happen when I blogged about something that was in the news ( I did a blog about a LOVE bridge in sheffield and when it was featured on radio 4 , I got a lot of traffic from google!)

    its a bit irritating is it not.... my ego would like to think that I have "proper" viewers!!!

  2. Maybe this is a return to the old system, since blogger rerouted the traffic so certain countries bloggers could be shut down at the flick of a switch i only have a third of my previous traffic. I liked the old way of counting better

  3. SB
    you obviously know your onions
    why would stats increase then>

  4. No great changes here in AustrALia - maybe blogger dismisses us antipodean contributors of being not worth the bother, uhhh?

  5. I haven't noticed a difference, either, John. But i blog only once a week or so, and have a much smaller fan base than either Mr G.

  6. Don't worry, Tom. No need for paranoia. I spent my precious time clicking on you hundreds of times to make you feel wanted.

    Hugs and kisses,

  7. JG, I am sure your hits are bona fides readers. You should write your book.

    SBW, I haven't a clue what you are talking about.

    JohnD, since when has anyone taken Antipodeans seriously (Until that speech from Gillard, that is)

    Megan, but YOUR fans are so classy, aren't they?

    Ursula, subsitute 'clicking' for 'Jumping' and I am sure I would expel all my paranoia. Joking aside, clicking on me hundreds of times seems a bit of a waste of time and energy compared to slipping out of something comfortable and into bed with me? But then, men were always more practical than women.


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