Friday 8 June 2012

Just when it was all going swimmingly...

It went swimmingly.

Now THAT's bogged in#
What kind of fuckwit, what kind of degenerate moron, what kind of certifiable lunatic would go driving bucket first into a river looking for deeep water to wash his machine in?  Only the machine I am renting at hundreds of bucks an hour to fill in and level my land after the floods.  Only the machine without which all work stops and I go back to picking fluff out of my navel.  And then instead of coming to me (after all, I am known as a very reasonable and patient man never prone to violent outbursts) try to dig himself out and then chain himself to the flimsier of my two trees and haul it out of the ground?  My tree that it is, not the effing machine.
And then to cap it all, decides he has had enough and in spite of me and Nice Paul begging him not to, drops both buckets into the mud, switches off and fucks off home.  Now there is no way this thing can be towed out as there is certainlyu no way the engine can be started between high tides to engage the hydraulics.
I guess it is bloody clean now...
Of course, I am not paying for it any more but will I get the money back I had to pay to have the thing transported here in the first place? Now if I want the job finished, I have to find another bit of plant available and pay through the nose to have that one brought here.  Jeez.

Google Earth has finally put up updated imagery of the Barra de Kwanza so I can give you before and after photos of the Great Inundation (otherwise known as God's Wrath, I really must stop taking the piss).  I think you will agreee, considering the very obvious loss of land, I wasn't exactly being lily livered when I grabbed Alex and headed for high ground in the truck...
And after.


  1. shit Tom!!!
    bet the whiskey levels went up post flood!!!
    chin up boyyo!!!

  2. What sort of complete and utter F&^%wit would do something like that?
    Go get that gun and use it - better still, don't use the gun, use a knife at night!

  3. Come on, Tom, admit it: You thrive on a bit of adversity. What else would keep you entertained and your adrenalin level soaring?


  4. Reminds me of the man I know who left a load of wet concrete mix in the huge concrete mixer truck over night. Yep, you guessed it: By next morning it had set up and was solid - solid as, well, concrete.

  5. Well, look on the bright side.

    In one move her has done two favours, provided stability to the ever moving sands and provided an artificial reef to increase the fishing prospects.

    Of course you will not benefit from it for 30 years as the fuel and other contaminates need to break down.

    Now, you just need some of the old military trucks and Antonov or Ilyushin airplanes placed out near the break so that you do not add another after-after photo to the before and afters you have already shown.

  6. Ugh! It never stops, does it?

  7. Bloody lucky to have not had a wash yourself mucker!
    Digger drivers are a pain all over tthe world!

  8. This has to got be up there in the rankings for best post ever. I laughed my arse off!


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