Saturday 4 December 2010

Flowers Can't talk, But They Say So Much

Who has time to feel for the single bud that out of a whole garden, lost its chance to bloom?

Jenni's Story. Created by Steve & Fiona on 03/12/2010
"From the window of the maternity room where Jenni was born you could see the sun shining on the nearby lighthouse, and her Dad thought at the time, what a perfect start to a life.

We often think that something of that sunshine stayed with Jenni throughout her life, as there was something about her smile that could always light up the day.

Jenni had Rett Syndrome, and although it is usual today to say of people like Jennifer that they have special needs, and that is quite true, we prefer to think of her as just special, and we know that she touched the lives of everyone who met her. Friends, teachers, nurses, everyone seemed to feel that special something about Jenni, that indefinable quality that just made you feel better. Nothing was quite so good as a cuddle with her, and at the end of a grim day 5 minutes sitting with her put it all back in perspective. Jenni could not walk or talk, or hold out her arms for a cuddle, but she definitely knew more than she was letting on, and you always knew how she felt about something...."

I am not asking you to share the grief of my lifelong friends, Jenni's parents, I am asking you to join them in celebration and gratitude for the short time that Jenni graced this earth bringing, in her own special way, joy and happiness to those who had the privilege of being with her.

Please see Jenni’s story at and leave a little message.

Our Earthly garden has lost a lovely little flower and I am so very sad. But who knows in what comfortable bed, and under which warming sun, caressing rain and tender hand she blooms now?


  1. Thanks, John.

    The death of any child, and being a child means the departure was premature, is always the greatest tragedy.

    What the hell can anyone say that will mean anything to desperate parents?

    What do we have at our disposal to plug the bleeding heart that no longer wants to beat and yet God, having robbed us of the fruit of our existence will, in his infinite cruelty, force to beat inexorably onward?

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  3. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  4. Ol Geezer,

    Thanks for the kind words. Having visited your blog I have to confess a little surprise that you would want to follow a blog written by someone as areligious, if not sometimes irreligious as me but welcome aboard anyway, I recognise I have a wider audience than I thought and will try and be a bit more PC.

    My best regards to you and Mrs G for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may your God be with you always.

    I liked the Rev. Erickson story, by the way. What a nice bloke.


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