Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dominic's Grand Day Out

No father can spend enough time with his son and it is even harder for a bloke estranged from the lad's mother so any day out with The Boy is A Grand Day Out.

Add to the mix a sportfisher and the pretty, fertile waters of the Atlantic and such a day becomes truly memorable.

Put your back into it, Son

We headed straight out to the blue rigged for Billfish but youthful impatience prevailed and after an hour or so we headed back in and trolled across the mouth of the estuary. It wasn't long before Dominic was in.

A wee tiddly Dorado. It went back over the side but at least it was a start

Pretty soon, Dominic was busy.

This one we couldn't resist having a few slices off, drenched with lemon juice. Don't tell me you don't take a lemon with you when you go fishing...

Nothing big this trip but that wasn't the point. It was a boy and his father messing about on the water together. There was just enough action to make his arms ache a bit and remind him where his Dad was heading.

Coming back in to the Barra de Kwanza

My land is the neighbouring property. It's a building site at the moment but pretty soon it will look as good as this.

Something to aspire to

The other boat stayed out in the deep and by mid afternoon, their patience had been rewarded.

That's a few kilos...

...Dominic just had to check them out

Being his father's son, Dominic is pretty competitive so he couldn't resist inspecting the catch of the other boat. I really hoped that his wonderful day out hadn't been tarnished by the thought of his haul being insignificant by comparison. I needn't have worried. 'Dourado, all of them', he announced, 'why do people kill things they aren't going to eat?'

Bloody good point. Once I have a couple of decent Dourado the rest go back over the side or, if they are hell bent on committing suicide, I move somewhere else. If anyone out there has a killer recipe for a fish that to me tastes like cotton wool soaked in mud, I would love to hear from you.

Good. Dominic looks pleased with himself

Dominic's haul though, was ideal. A decent variety. Just clean and fillet, braise in coconut milk, fresh coriander, lemon grass, a hint of hot peppers, a pinch of ground turmeric, coriander and cardamon, a thinly sliced tomato for garnish and serve over boiled rice. With good, fresh ingredients, simple stupid is always the best.

Dominic can not only catch fish, he can prepare and serve them beautifully. Good job too because pretty soon he and his lttle brother Alex are going to have a place like this:

Soon, Son. Very soon...


  1. Hippo

    Looks awesome - one day I'll drop by for a spot of fishing and a dinner like that.

    And you're right it's always great to hang out with the lad.


  2. You would be most welcome!

    I still have a way to go until phase 1 is up and running and producing income but once it is, and I have my own boat again, I will let you know.

    Maybe you can help me do all the plumbing for phase 2?

  3. You! Me! in Angola! i make that plumbing o'clock!

    PS in weather like that mines a Pimms

  4. You'll have to bring the Pimm's, it isn't available here. Neither is the dry sherry I used to enjoy before Sunday lunch as all the guests were arriving.

    The plumbing job will be easy though. No need for central heating in Angola so it is just water and the shitty end of the job...

  5. No Pimms? That's not very summery is it?


  6. Sad, isn't it?

    But apart from the usual array of cocktails, we have Caipirinha, a glass full of crushed ice, a teaspoonful of preferably brown sugar, a good shot of rum and topped up with freshly squeezed lime juice. Stir, open mouth and pour past tonsils...

    Staples are a bit scarce again (no tomatoes or potatoes in the local market) so I have just prepared filet of buffalo wrapped in bacon(not that watery stuff you buy in supermarkets but the kind you slice off a cured slab), a creamed cabbage and mushroom sauce, fried wild mushrooms, poached eggs, steamed broccoli and baked beans. I like baked beans.

    The timing to get all these various items served hot and neither over or undercooked at the same time is critical. I have just finished and it is perfect.

    So Marcia has decided she needs a relaxing bath before sitting down to dinner.

    And they ask me why I drink...

  7. What a haul! I'm glad we've met, now I must get over and visit.


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