Sunday, 28 August 2011

Potential Peacekeeping Recruit

I am not sure about the older boys but the young bandy legged kid in the furry jump suit looks pretty useful.

Is Boris Johnson still looking for a new Metropolitan Police Commissioner?

If so, any lad that can clear a street as fast as this is worthy of consideration. Not only would a life time's supply of bananas be far cheaper to the tax payer than a gold plated civil service pension, the incumbant would instinctively be able to relate to tabloid journalists as well as those guilty of riotous assembly (and their parents) at the same intellectual level.

You could imagine him at Thieves and Hawkes getting measured up for his uniform, '38 inch chest but long in the sleeves please, very long...'


  1. that made my day mate
    loved the video!!!

    may well "nick" it when blog ideas are thin on the ground!

  2. Flippancy, especially from you, wounds me deeply. I was making a serious comment.

    UK provides safe haven and succour to every immigrant criminal yet we are not allowed to employ the policeman of the decade to clear up the mess because he happens to be American. I was merely proposing a politically acceptable alternative.

    Go ahead, flame me if you want...

    By the way, you never said if you liked Lone Madsen's rendition of Satie's Gnossienne. I am busy uploading the original Satie version for piano to the relevant post so you might like to check back and compare.



  3. By the way, you can 'nick' anything you want.

    I spent my first ten years here running security teams. Although I was seriously tempted on occasion, I would never have got away with what the monkey did. A bit of training and next time he wouldn't fire so low. Mind you, in an ambush situation, it is always better to fire low rather than high as it at least kicks the shit up into the faces of your assailants so maybe he was well trained after all.

  4. Oh, man, that is great! The first thought that entered my head was: it is good to see that we don't have a monopoly on rednecks - because THAT is EXACTLY what would have happened in a number of camps I've been in, if they'd only had a monkey. And yes, at most of them at least one guy had an AK.

  5. But Josh, the Rednecks you refer to have been dressed in smart uniforms with Ranger badges and, supported by Apache helicopters and smart bombs, have been sent out to police the rest of the world, at least those portions of it being of economic interest.

    Marx, refining Clausewitz, stated that war is merely Capitalism conducted by other means.

    I say, give the chimp a shot at being the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.


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